About Us

We provide a full-service project package from early planning through design, procurement, construction, installation, and commissioning to start-up operations and maintenance.

Who We Are

Brentex Petroleum Services Limited was incorporated in 1995 and is a wholly owned Nigerian company. Steered by our business strategy, we have positioned ourselves to provide the government and other oil and gas industry stakeholders the finest services available on a global scale. Most importantly, however, is the establishment of an LSAW Line Pipe Mill in Nigeria.

Brentex is unified under the strong leadership of a Board and senior Management team that are deliberately committed to fulfilling the needs of the customer. We have a clear understanding of the future while also being mindful of present realities.

Brentex, as a responsible Corporate Citizen, aspires to act diligently and politely everywhere it works.

Our basic ideals for developing a strategic alliance that ensures mutual success are the development of a secure and stable work environment, as well as team spirit. The Company’s character is humanitarian in nature, which adds significantly to our stability and capacity to maintain and promote innovations.

Our Vision

To be a key partner in Global Supply Chain Management by developing solutions to dynamic challenges that provide our clients with innovative, efficient, and thorough services.

Our Mission

To be a one stop strategic supply chain partner to our clients with focus on quality, time, and cost.

Our Values

Brentex Petroleum Services Limited is governed by a code of business ethics that defines the fundamentals of our interactions with partners and clients:

  • Client and customer satisfaction based on high-quality service delivery and professional expertise, as well as providing the highest level of transparency, loyalty, and respect.
  • Commitment to the principles of human rights, labor, and environmental conservation for the long term.
  • Continuous innovation and sustainable development in our efforts deliver remedies to the rapidly changing business landscape
  • promoting team dynamics and personal development to build a solid workforce of goal-oriented individuals

Brentex’s strategy and actions are hugely influenced by the implementation of high corporate governance, corporate integrity, and the cultivation of excellent marketing principles and ethical practices at all levels of our operations.

Our Clients

Our Partners

Our Top Priorities

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

Brentex Petroleum Services Limited is committed to the health, safety, and security of all individuals directly or indirectly involved in the execution of all jobs and in manufacturing processes to provide sufficient protection and preservation of life and the environment.

Brentex's Management is completely involved in monitoring Health, Safety, Environment, Security, and Community Programs due to the top priority given to Safety Programs in terms of health, safety, security of people, equipment and material maintenance, environmental preservation, and service delivery. As a result, the company's senior executives are responsible of developing policies and implementing HSE programs, as well as ensuring rigorous adherence.

Safety drills and training are an individual and group responsibility at Brentex. The purpose of our staff orientation program is to make every employee a safety officer, with the goal of always instilling safety consciousness and in all areas.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Brentex's management and personnel place a premium on quality assurance/control. The operational processes of the company are designed in such a way that contractual obligations are fulfilled with a high sense of quality assurance and services that guarantee excellent relationships, compliance, and environmental protection.

In accordance with this philosophy, the organization employs operational techniques and strategies to provide continual monitoring, management, and assessment of processes to avoid and remove non-value-added activities.